Work-based Integrity Assessment & Development

We promote, protect and develop the integrity of your organisation, by offering the following services:

Psychometric Assessment

  • to assess individual character strengths & blind-spots
  • to assess corporate culture
  • to reduce workplace safety risks & counterproductive behaviour

Recruitment & Selection Solutions

  • to increase efficiency & effectiveness of ethical selection processes
  • to apply psychometric tools to enable informed & ethical decision-making in recruitment & selection
  • to improve the quality of selection decisions

Training & Development

  • to develop an understanding of workplace integrity
  • to promote an ethical corporate culture
  • to cultivate ethical leadership
  • to establish communities of practice

Integrity Defined:
1) A state of being whole & undivided
2) Congruence between moral principles and actions


Our Perspective

Integrity is a social virtue, defined and valued on the individual level as authenticity, yet socially negotiated within a culture, community and organisation as a moral principle.

In other words, Integrity asks that you stand for something, worth standing for as contribution towards the wellbeing of the whole community, organisation or society so that proper integration may occur.

In return, the organisation, community or society at large should acknowledge the individuality, wholeness and self-worth of its employees (constituents) who are representations of the whole. 

The promotion, protection and growth of all stakeholders are key to establishing Integrity.

Our Products

Our flagship tool, the Giotto Integrity Assessment is approved and certified by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). We promote & offer the following uses of the assessment:

  • Risk Report – Recruitment Strategy to protect the organisation from unwarranted behavioural risks and economic crime threats. 
  • Safety Report – Diagnostic to address safety-related behaviour issues in recruitment or management. 
  • Team Report – Combined insights into team integrity dynamics as based on the Giotto Integrity Assessment.
  • Integrity & Corporate Culture Survey – Diagnostic of the overall state of integrity, strengths and weaknesses of the whole organisation. 

Find out more about the Giotto Integrity Assessment

Our Accreditation Training

  • We provide Giotto Accreditation training for specialists who seek to use the assessment in their own capacity (14 CPD points).
  • We also provide training on the Giotto Integrity Assessment for HR, Management and Leadership purposes. Ideal for those who wish to use the assessment in their organisation to build a language and culture of Integrity.

Learn more about our training here

Events & Workshops

We run regular events and workshops, usually in the form of interactive dialogues. We explore a variety of integrity and ethics-related topics. These sessions allow us to collaboratively reflect on and advance our understandings of organisational and personal integrity, while offering a space for integrity practitioners to network and share ideas.

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