Giotto Accreditation Training

  • We provide accreditation training on the Giotto Integrity Assessment for specialists who seek to use the assessment in their own capacity (14 CPD points).
  • We also provide training on the Giotto Integrity Assessment for HR, Management and Leadership purposes. Ideal for those who wish to use the assessment in their organisation to build a language and culture of Integrity.

Accreditation & Refresher Training

The Giotto Integrity Assessment is a very powerful tool, but it has the capacity to do harm if not applied appropriately. For this reason, we take great care to ensure that those who use the Giotto assessment are equipped with the necessary knowledge & understanding.

Training consists of

  • 8 Modules to be completed on our online platform. Includes videos, notes, presentations & numerous opportunities to practice your skill & test your knowledge through quizzes & assignments.
  • 2-hour online “classroom/engagement” sessions via ZOOM. During these sessions, all participants dial into the virtual classroom to engage in a facilitated discussion on specific course content. This is an opportunity to discuss some of the learnings, answer any questions and share experiences & insights.
  • These online sessions are scheduled in closure of Modules 1 and Modules 3 respectively; dates & times of these are set in advance.

Further information to note

  • You will be required to complete all 8 Modules within a 4-week period.
  • Attendance of both online engagements is compulsory.
  • Delegates will complete a personal Giotto Assessment and will receive their reports as part of the training program (not applicable to refresher training).

CPD points

Certification includes 14 CPD points (of which 2 are for ethics).

Our 2023 training sessions

Starting 16 January 2023Starting 6 February 2023Starting 6 March 2023
Online engagements:
20 Jan 9:00-10:30
27 Jan 9:00-11:00
Online engagements:
10 Feb 9:00-10:30
17 Feb 9:00-11:00
Online engagements:
10 Mar 9:00-10:30
16 Mar 9:00-11.00
Starting 10 April 2023Starting 8 May 2023Starting 29 May 2023
Online engagements:
14 Apr 9:00-10:30
21 Apr 9:00-11:00
Online engagements:
12 May 9:00-10:30
19 May 9:00-11:00
Online engagements:
2 Jun 9:00-10:30
9 Jun 9:00-11:00
Starting 3 July 2023Starting 31 July 2023Starting 4 September 2023
Online engagements:
7 Jul 9:00-10:30
14 Jul 9:00-11:00
Online engagements:
4 Aug 9:00-10:30
11 Aug 9:00-11:00
Online engagements:
8 Sep 9:00-10:30
15 Sep 9:00-11:00
Starting 9 October 2023Starting 30 October 2023 December 2023
Online engagements:
13 Oct 9:00-10:30
20 Oct 9:00-11:00
Online engagements:
3 Nov 9:00-10:30
10 Nov 9:00-11:00
To be confirmed

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