Giotto Integrity Assessment

GSA (GiottoSA) Mindworks is the sole distributor of the Giotto Integrity Assessment in Africa. 

The test is standardised in South Africa, for use in the entire population and across a broad range of occupational levels. It conforms to South African labour and equity legislation. The GiottoSA test is classified as a psychological test at the Professional Board of Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). The prediction accuracy of the Giotto SA test is 94%.

Giotto recognises the potential difficulties inherent in the accurate measurement of integrity and is therefore presented as an ipsative questionnaire. This helps to avoid the contaminating effects of a candidate lying or faking.


It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the online test.

Assessment Reports

In addition to the basic Giotto Integrity Assessment, we also offer Giotto-based reports to address your specific organisational needs

  • Risk Report – Recruitment Strategy to protect the organisation from unwarranted behavioural risks & economic crime threats. 
  • Safety Report – Diagnostic to address safety-related behaviour issues in recruitment or management. 
  • Integrity & Corporate Culture Survey – Diagnostic of the overall state of integrity, strengths & weaknesses of the whole organisation. 

Giotto’s 7 integrity factors

Based on the seven vices, the Giotto identifies behavioural risk, including:

  • carelessness, accident-proneness & negligence
  • lack of commitment, absenteeism & laziness
  • proneness to violence, hostility & intimidation
  • disciplinary problems, subversion & intolerance
  • disrespect for senior managers, overbearing behaviour & arrogance
  • theft of company property, wasteful use of resources & failure to share
  • inability to cope with change or resisting change

Based on the seven virtues, those who uphold integrity & business ethics will:

  • provide quality products & services
  • show commitment & keep promises/deadlines
  • behave in a professional manner
  • be loyal & respecting of others
  • exercise rational judgement & fairness
  • demonstrate openness & honesty
  • be innovative & future-oriented

The Giotto psychometric test is a product of Pearson Education Group and managed globally by industry leading assessment platform TalentLens. The Giotto test was developed in the UK by John Rust for The Psychological Corporation, according to the highest international standards in psychometric testing.  Learn more.